About us


Nanovski nursery plant

Established in 2009, starting as a family business.


At the present time, the total area of the nursery plant is 150,000 sq.m. and the container production is located on an open area of 60,000 sq.m. The nursery plant production areas amount to 15 000 m2.

Situated in central Bulgaria, the nursery plant is accessible and convenient for ornamental plant lovers from all over the country.

Nanovski  nursery plant is a leading manufacturer of high quality and standardized container plants in the country.

A wide variety of deciduous and coniferous trees, annuals and perennials, flowers, herbs, shrubs and exotic offerings can be found in its catalogue.

Landscape trees, shrubs and flowers are an important component of modern life and are an integral part of our home and work environments, as well as places of entertainment and recreation.

Hence, the ornamental plant market is demanding an increasing variety of species suitable for parks, private and public gardens as well as large urban spaces.

Nanovski  nursery plant has been since its inception a proud member of the АOPGB (Association of Ornamental Plant Growers in Bulgaria.). And it has been a member of the European ENA for 5 years.