The overall production area is 150 000 sq.m.  of these, 15 000 m2 are hothouse / greenhouses

1,500 sqm of the greenhouses are heated and have automatic climate control:

The greenhouses' heating is controlled by the general climate control processor, which monitors all the indicators and precisely regulates - heat, light, humidity and nutrition - to ensure no overspending. This control shall be carried out by zones.

As many as 50% of the greenhouses have container fields and the other 50% have a mobile Flood and Drain growing system with irrigation water harvesting.

60,000 sqm of our space is outdoor. All they also have container fields with technologies of levelling, drainage, weed protection, irrigation system and excess water diversion installed


Since its very inception, our company has been extremely eco-oriented.

  • Any plastics waste is collected and sent for recycling;
  • Therefore, our heating system does not use Fossil Fuels, but pellets made from shelled (peeled) sunflower, which is a waste product of oil production;
  • Irrigation system Flood and Drain is oriented towards saving water resources;
  • We utilize a rainwater harvesting system;
  • - The processing line, which is operated by 4 employees, has a capacity of 50-60 thousand seedlings / day;


Vegetation species composition is grown in growing containers of different capacities:

  • Yearling flowers in pot 9, pot 10.5 and trays with 6 and 10 nests
  • Perennial blossoms in 1.2 and 3 litres
  • Landscape trees - 3,5,7,10,14,18,28,45,78 and 100 litres


Inspired by the needs of the market, we at Nanovski  nursery plant enrich our production range every year and currently offer more than 2,000 species of plants. Growing plants are grown in special peat-soil mixtures that are different for each species and size.

We use specialized, high-quality fertilizers that work throughout the growing season. The slight consistency of the material makes it even easier for the customer to carry and transport the plants.